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I have some connection issues with the my series X controller and official wireless adapter on pc


I got the adapter a few days ago thinking it will solve my connection issues I have with my controller and bluetooth on my pc, but alas, it has it's own issues. For some reason, when I start the controller wirelessly, first few minutes it behaves erratically. The white logo often blinks occasionally to looking a little bit dim, while the controller inputs stops registering every other input. After a few minutes, weirdly enough it fixes itself. After restarting or turning my computer on again, I get this issue returns. 


I tried the following:

  • Updating controller firmware
  • Trying multiple different USB ports
  • Use USB extension cable for a clear Line of Sight (which doesn't improve anything for me)
  • I returned the adapter for a another one, same issue.


One possible issue is due to mismatch of wireless channel? I got my series controller for US but my adapter is packaged for Asia. I am not sure if that could be an issue. I don't have an asian series controller to test it out.

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