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GPU rgb and usb port still on even erp enabled in bios

anyone know why my gpu and lianli strimer rgb wont turned off after shutdown? i disabled fast boot and enabled erp in bios still wont make any difference...it only completely shut off few times and happen again...and sometimes it has problem booting up...only the fans spin but no post .. unless i restart it a few time by turning it on and off from the psu...i recently upgrade the ram stick and the psu...and adding a new cable sleeve which is that lianli strimer..i thought it was this extension cable so i just use the rgb light and not the extension cable...when i have this problem i change back to my old psu and still having the same issue...unable to change the ram to old one cause ive sold it....could it be the motherboard or the ram?
pc specs
64gb tridentz neo 3600mhz
gigabyte b550m aorus elite matx
amd ryzen 5 3600
asusrog rtx 3060ti oc
psu corsair cv750 bronze


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