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I need to streamline the deployment process at my new job


Hello , i didn't know where to  post this exactly ( either OS,software or Troubleshooting,ended up here i guess) 


I am looking for aid and ideeas , i will start by giving a bit of context :


I'm 24, just got accepted at an small business(10 people ) as part of my training/apprenticeship for an IT security postgrad diploma, basically I go to school and work at the same time. 

Before this I worked as a IT Production Operator at an much bigger company,that deals in refurbished PC's .

At the company i was before, the deployment process is very streamlined , I get the PC , i plug the rj45 from the switch to the PC ,and the cables that come with ( power,usb mouse and keyboard and video) ,and I start the deployment process a netboot , where i pick the different versions of windows 10 i need ( pro,home,etc) and the process is pretty automatised from there, it's clearly an custom code line for the network boot cause it also installs drivers automatically(it has a driver repertory) .

Basically,in a day ,i could do between 30 to 40 PC's if i was fast. 



Now , present day, much smaller company, very do-all and ghettoish, but i can see that work is being done. But I feel the methods they employ are a waste of time and archaic compared to what i used to do before . In a day if i can deploy 10 PC's then it's an outstanding performance.


One of the main points of me being there with them,was to find improvements to their process,and their deployement methodology is what bothers me more,so for the start of my  school year i thought i'd do a project on streamlining the deployement processus. 



At the moment they are using Zalman SSD enclosures with a basic W10 (pro,or home ) v21h .iso they got from the windows site,it's as a clean install as it gets,problem is,they are using USB 2.0 so that SSD speed is literally wasted.

However,there is a lot of windows personalisation that must be made everytime an install is finished(like unchecking boxes for folders to not be hidden,etc) and many custom programs need to be installed  everytime.


Now i've thought of doing and custom master .iso with all the recent updates,and most of the mandatory applications installed , that would reduce my workload by quite a bit since only thing left would be a driver search,and putting that .iso on the local server so it can be deployed over the network . 




Solution two would be making a custom script on a USB key that installs all those custom windows personalisation settings (registry edit maybe ? ) and something that installs all the applications automatically. 

This solution would be the hardest for me since i don't have the basis in scripting yet(i'm supposed to do it later in the year at school ) ,and i haven't scripted before ( except a bit of powershell ) 





I come here asking for,advice and aid on how can I proceed with this inquiry of mine,since most likely ,i'll have to do something to upgrade their current infrastructure as an project,might as well just start sooner. 

If you guys have any tutorials ,tips and discution boards that are similar to what i'm looking for, i'm here to take any kind of input !



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If your using AD and onsite servers, you want to use MDT and WDS. Then you can make custom install + setup + drivers + program installation, adjust it as needed, and boot from the network. Its basically all in the gui and pretty easy to use too. I got it setup in about a day at a small buiness and its nice for when a new system needs to be setup. Basically boot from network, and come back in a house ready to login.


If your on the cloud, look at autopilot. You can have it so the systems will auto setup when they are first connected to the network(you give the system oem a id).

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