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legit or nah?

8 minutes ago, Howdy_World said:

I'm going to say not legit. Seller has no reviews at all, price is far too cheap for that spec of laptop. 

The only plausible reason it would be that cheap is if the seller had no idea what they were selling.


Money back guarantee will protect you BUT if the seller has mentioned anywhere like "this is just a picture of the laptop" or something of the sort, then probably not protected.


Although they do offer 30 days returns so maybe worth it.

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Obviously not. Its beyond too good to be true.


Funny thing about ebay is that shipping is not guaranteed to be refunded hence the 240$ shipping fee.


Other notes:

no paypal (at least for me) so bye bye money

random acc name with typical bot structure (name+random numbers)

no reviews

recently made

comes from China


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