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3080 ti Corsair XG7 Block


This is just a post explaining my experience and solutions.

I got the 3080 ti for a killer deal £850 then got the XG7 for £150 the issue I had was mounting pressure where my GPU/hotspot temp would jump about 30°c above water temp no I thought my old 2080 ti XG7 didn't have that issue and was running only 80watts less power so I tryed different pads more paste different paste and turns out the simple fix was thinner pads with the founders edition leaf spring retention bracket and now my temps are only 10/15c from water temp and about on par with my old 2080 ti XG7.


So in conclusion if anyone is having mounting pressure issues with the 30 series fe cards try using the original leaf spring retention bracket.


The only thing I want to know is are there longer screws so I can have my back plate cover the leaf spring I have a temporary solution and that bends the back plate a little.

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