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ESXi 2U server with ROMED4ID-2T (need a CPU recommendation)

Hi Guys,


I am looking to build out a cluster of servers for my home lab running 38x VMs. I am looking to have this run over 3x VMware ESXi servers. I need about 96GB in each of the servers. Right now I have 56 cores across the two-server cluster I currently run, which has been more than adequate. 


My main requirement is that the servers need to be low-noise. Second to that is power consumption. Previously I had two beast of servers, but the less-than-10-minute run time on my UPS has taught me that I need a cluster so that I can use Ansible to shutdown unnecessary hosts/VMs during a power outage and let the critical stuff run as long as possible.


I saw the LTT video reviewing the ROMED4ID-2T which I found intriguing as it is a mobo I could potentially move into a larger case and more powerful CPU in due course. That said, I was looking for feedback from anyone that's used this mobo before with ESXi. Is there anything I should know when it comes to things like RAID and/or vSAN or any other nuisances I should know about? And, what low-noise CPU and cooler would you recommend for a 2U chassis? Can be 3U if need be.


Thanks in advance.



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You have a little research to do. Generally servers aren't quiet because the require a certain amount of CFM in order to cool X amount of Thermals.


Upgrading to larger chips and additional memory generally creates more heat. Just really depends on what you're buying into. Lower end chips run cooler, higher end run hotter.


I don't think U cases will help with noise, but rather open table perhaps with a nice water loop would really keep fan noise a little lower. 


Raid is pretty issue-less on all platforms these days. vSAN could be a different story, but I'm not greatly familiar with it, so probably search around or wait for another's reply.

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