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Question MSI 360R AIO underperforming?


Tl;dr: Is the 360R underperforming, do I have it set up incorrectly or is it just not good?

I bought a MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 360R to cool my AMD A10-5800K so I could overclock it. The problem is, I'm thermal throttling at 4.6 GHz. Why is this? I thought it was a good cooler and could cool a 10 year old CPU? I want to get the best my motherboard can handle, an AMD A10-6800K, but it runs even hotter than the 5800K. (Yes I know its old and I should get something else, I don't want to hear it. I want to use this to its potential.)

I have the pump plugged into the case fan header and the fans plugged into CPU header since I don't have a pump header. I have a SATA to fan header for case fans, but they are large and my motherboard 511 fan errors when they are plugged into the headers, or else I would have the pump and fan plugged into the SATA to fan header thing.

Sometimes, the fans crank up and then the pc shuts off, most likely due to overhearing. I think the motherboard is conservative in controlling the case/fan headers and can't kick them up in time?

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