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Which cpu should i get? the 1650 v2 or 2667 v2?

Ok so im having a hard choice choosing 2 of these cpus, the 1650 v2 and the 2667 v2

The cheapest 1650 v2 i could find on ebay is $22 while the cheapest 2667 v2 is $28.

The pros about the 1650 v2 is its unlock which i could oc, the down side is that it only has 6 cores compared to the 8 core 2667 v2

The 2667 v2 is not unlock which mean that i cant oc

So which one should i choose the 1650 v2 or 2667 v2 in terms of gaming?

Btw i dont care about the price its only a $6 difference anyway.

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1650 v2 if you are just gaming, and damn i didnt know those cpus dropped that hard in price, last time ive seen them was 50$ on aliexpress a few months ago


I assume you are also using a chinese board, in that case follow this vid from craft computing cause it does cover bios modding to unlock power limit option so you wont be limited to a pathetic 130w only, just make sure to put a fan over the vrms to keep em cool, assume ~1.45v vcore max safe but reccomended 1.3-1.35 as most ppl will have a hard time cooling over 1.4v vcore on hedt cpus

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