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p8h61 pro can post but 5 seconds after power on it shuts off

I can tell that it has posted by looking at the debug card and the display that briefly tries to show the splash screen before turning back off again


When i power it on (power the psu on) it turns itself on without having to jump the power switch pins but 5 secs after (about the time it takes to post) it shuts off and wont turn on again even if i jump the power switch



It immedeatly powers on (within 1 sec of turning the psu on) which may suggest a short causing the psu to start running but if thats the case i doubt the board would be trying to post and i doubt itd just shut itself off


But the only way ive found to power it back on after it auto power off is changing the cmos clear jumper position, set the jumper to cmos clear then immedeatly back to normal makes it turn on immedeatly and i can repeat this as many times as i want



Ive already used my last resort which is draining the board and dunking the thing in water for cleaning yet still the same thing (fixed it by bios reflash) so not sure what to do other than sell it


And there doesnt seem to be any physical damage either

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Check cmos battery voltage. Some boards get weird if it's low or missing completely. Some boards don't care.

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