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Dark mode + Nightshift extension for Chrome

Hey guys, I'm trying to find Chrome extension with both dark mode and nightshift features. I found two extensions, but in both of them nightshift isn't working and I don't understand why, maybe I'm doing something wrong? To make it clear what exactly I mean: For example, if I want a website to be in dark mode, I simply click dark mode button and website becomes in dark mode colors, but let's say I don't work dark mode, I just want to lower contrast and brightness, for such thing there's nightshift and I tried several extensions for nightshift and dark mode and they both work, but I said to myself - "Why have 2 extensions, if there is extension that has those 2 features in one. I found few, for example this one: Lunar Reader. Dark mode works absolutely fine and unlike other many dark mode extensions this one works in Google Docs and Spreadsheets and does better colors than others, however nightshift isn't working and I don't know is it broken only for me or for others too? When I click nightshift, nothing happens. If I disable or enable dark mode, still nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong or that feature is broken? Can you check too? Or do you know any extension that has both features and they work?


This one has both features and nightshift definitely works here, but the only problem with extension is that, it doesn't do good job for Google Docs and looks bad.


Never mind, it started working now, I don't know what was the problem.

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