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Display randomly goes black and shows "hdmi no signal"


Basically, I have a dual monitor setup and one of them randomly goes black, displaying the "hdmi no signal" message and stays black. However, windows still recognizes that there's 2 displays connected.


  • Turning OFF and ON the monitor doesn't fix it;
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable fixes it;
  • Restarting the computer fixes it;
  • Changing from 75hz (max supported) to 60hz also fixes it and I can put it back on 75hz.

What I've tried:

  • New HDMI cable;
  • Using another HDMI port;
  • Tried the same monitor setup with windows desktop and linux laptop and happened with both;
  • Factory reseted monitor settings;
  • Reinstalled drivers and disabled decode flags on chrome.

Not sure if it helps, but happened a few times in a row opening a video like this one. I always have chrome open when it happens, but I have chrome open 99% of the time.

Monitor model: Asus VA24EHE


Is there anything else I could try?



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