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Needing feedback on my designs for tubing

Budget (including currency): 

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 

I've had this idea. I was going to try working this out by making a homemade mini AC system, but then I thought what could you do with this if it could be forwarded into building water cooling in a PC. So if I was going to make a mini AC, I'd try using epoxy resin as the case, but epoxy itself has such a low thermal conductivity anyhow. But then I remembered something after seeing all the things you can put in the resin you're creating, which was there's a PC coolant out there that is coolant mixed with actual graphene particles for major thermal conductivity. This is how people also induce higher conductivity in any resins is by introducing things like graphene, but this isn't graphene this is the most thermally conductive material ever made graphene. So then that's how I thought what would happen if you took the graphene from that coolant and then mixed it within the epoxy resin, to then mold your own tubing for PC cooling. 


I think, just imagine that, if it can be done, when water being used to transport the heat to the radiator is moving through that radiator, water works well at getting the heat there, the only issue is removing the heat after that, which then that's the thing is after it moves through the radiator, whatever heat was still being left in the water transported around, goes back into the loop all over again, over and over again. So if you're unable to remove the heat when it's in the radiator, that's the problem, so what if you used graphene in your tubing to then actively transport more of your heat that's in your loop directly to the radiator? 


It's not just an idea that, "might work well." It would be so easy, the thermal conductivity of graphene is 5000w/mK. So what's the normal conductivity of that tubing, presumably around less than 1w/mK, what's the conductivity of the best thermal epoxy without graphene, around 18w/mk, then just add a crap ton of graphene to that and tell me that wouldn't definitely remove heat from your loop would it not? Heck even at the very least, it would Definity at least remove the heat away from what you are trying to cool down at the very least, so then your loop would be able to do what it was intended for. 


It could be done. Just buy the liquids to make the mold, put your normal tubing into it, then let it mold it, tear it open, pour the epoxy mixed with the resin in it into it, and boom, now you have the highest thermally conductive tubing there is, easy as that. Not real sure what usual tubing is being made of, resin is basically plastic but I'm not sure how it defers from the usual plastics being made. But, that thing would last dude, resin epoxy once it hardens is virtually indestructible. The only issues I see happening in the process of implementing it, would might be how is it you would connect it to what holds the rest of your loop together. 


As a matter of fact, if you want to get really customizable, why not you simply just try this out, not even adding any graphene. You know what you can do with resin epoxy. You wouldn't even need adding dye to your loop, just put the dye in the epoxy and it can even form patterns if you know what you're doing. Just imagine that and maybe adding it to your already pure solid colored glowing loop, with patterns in the tubing instead too.  

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