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stuttering in some games

After installing my new gpu ive come across stuttering in games, gmod and tf2

i tried other games like overwatch, destiny 2, metal gear rising, ultrakill, halo mcc and apex, those didnt stutter unless they were loading a new area or something

here are some clips of the stuttering https://imgur.com/a/lhllJn8 https://imgur.com/a/gwWSWCp

my specs are, ryzen 7 5700g, 1650 super, cv 550 psu, msi b550m pro vdh wifi motherboard, 16gb of ram 3200mhz

things ive tried: reinstalling graphics drivers, disabling the igpu through device manager, uninstalling the igpu drivers (they just reinstall themselves even though i disabled that setting in windows), reinstalling the games, i also turned off the discord overlay later in those clips but it still happened.

any help would be appreciated. (also dont mind the weird ass interactions with my friends in the clips lol)

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