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Best wireless earbuds for 150€ ?


What would be the best wireless earbuds for around 150€.

I'm currently using the galaxy buds plus, but they are uncomfortable for me and fall out  of my ears really easily.

I'm currently thinking of buying the LG Tone Free DFP9's for 101€


Thanks in advance!


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I use huawei freebuds pro 1 (not the new ones 😅) , bought them for 100 euros, replaced my huawei freebuds 3i,and I'm very satisfied whit the sound, battery life, anc is good too and micquality, when I make calls everyone says they can hear me very good, so it's good.

Like that there is an volume controls and like the old school design(the small leg, but they are small design).

But overall it depends on what you want from your headphones, Im very picki on sound stage(like a little more bass) so huawei buds, since I bought the 3i, I think will be allways my number 1 recomendation for wierless earbuds,cuz the sound quality is very good. 

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