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Subtitles for LTT & sister channels

Since the wonderful @JonoT has moved onto pastures new, is there anyone picking up this task? The need for accessibility on the internet has always been there, and I champion anyone who implements an improved and inclusive experience as well as those who hold the businesses and other entities who aren't doing this to account. 

This kind of thing is more than a minor quality of life improvement, this is about lifting a barrier for those people who want to enjoy the content but cannot where terms and phrases are being misrepresented. Can you imagine watching a video where Anthony or Linus is using some terminology that makes no sense, calling a 'chassis' a 'cat sea' or referring to 'AMD' as 'am dee', you'd question the credibility and accuracy of that video, their research and reputation. Some people, granted a minority, are not afforded a guaranteed opportunity to learn and enjoy the same content as the majority do with the ability to do so. 


As a production team with the resources available to make this work and given far smaller productions quite rightly prioritise and manage this, I hope we can get some form of marked improvement for the portion of this community that would appreciate it so much. It could make for a fantastic video subject also, with the audience and reach this network of channels has. Champion the right ways of working in the industry, like you are attempting to with the HDR support on YouTube. 


Link to update from @JonoT on a separate, but aged thread.

DevOps Engineer working with Azure primarily, Kubernetes evangelist, Born at a very young age, eats things from the microwave, Ultrawide nerd. 

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Jono left?

I dont see anything on his Twitter....

Edit: Never mind, this was ages ago lol, must've missed it, my bad.

As for the original question, I'm sure LMG will find a solution, it's just with everything going on right now (backpack, staff change over including Jono and Tarran) it's not a massive prioroty, as much as that may affect people.

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