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HELP ME TROUBLESHOOT! - Monitor Flicker After Boot

I just encountered a problem with my monitor (maybe)

When i boot my computer, the screen starts to go crazy (see attachment)
I got dual monitor, and my second monitor works fine.

The weird thing is, when i turn it off and on (the monitor), it works normally again...
Im not entirely sure whats the problem. My GPU? My Monitor?

I suspect its because of a blackout last night (im asleep when that happened. My machine was turned off, but still plugged in. also i have stabilizer.)
Do anyone have any idea on what happens?
Is the Problem concerning?


Here's my Specs:

- Windows 10 Pro 64bit
- GPU: 2060 Super

- Monitor: MSI Optix G24 Series (not sure about the actual series)

- i5 10600k

- Seasonic Prime Gold GX-750

- Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX PC25600 16GB

Thank you very much!


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