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Pc not recognising m.2 after turning on secure boot for valorant vanguard.

So recently i reapplied thermal paste to my girlfriends pc. After that valorant didnt work anymore and bc of the distance between us i couldnt come and fix it. So we did together trough bios we turned on secure boot and some other things. I didnt know what exactly to look for since it was hard to see trough the phone. So i followed a video. It was a while ago but i think it was this one 

She has a tuf b450 plus gaming. 


Now the part where I dont know what to do anymore. So yesterday the pc didnt boot anymore. It went straight to bios and then she called me. What happend? So I went and looked in the bios trough the video call. I notices all the SATA and M.2 were on N/A. This is not good so i told her try plugging the cable for your disks. Turns out she only has a m.2. So we went back in the bios to enable the m.2 but it was enabled already. Maybe she had to reinstall the m.2? So she did and now the bios is lagging. I really dont know what to do anymore and would appriciate some help.IMG-20220809-WA0036.thumb.jpg.42aa81b171859de34561d44a04584800.jpg


Did i do something wrong? Did i not do something? What can i do to fix the problem?

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