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Asus G15DK with almost Asus Prime B550M-K - bios update

Good morning,


I have got an Asus G15DK prebuild PC, that contains crippled Asus Prime B550M-K motherboard. Why it's crippled, you may ask? The mb identifies itself as "G15DK", but there is clear label on it that it says "Asus Prime B550M-K". The difference between this crippled version and regular one are some missing headers, like additional CPU fan header is missing (yet the pads are still there). 


The bad thing is, that ASUS for G15DK, on their website provides quite outdated bios, while for the prime, there is new bios. The outdated bios was made before AMD fixed the Win 11 stuttering bug with TPM. 

Is there any way to manually force update G15DK mb bios using the prime series bios? Anyone ever have done such thing?


I have bought this whole pc without GPU for real cheap (sold by GPU miner, that bought it back in the days, to get RTX 3070 non LHR) - it was priced same as cpu only. Added some fans, RTX 3060ti, replaced the cpu cooler and it became quite ok pc, cheaper a lot than the parts alone.  Even the temperatures are fine - ~65°C GPU & 72°C CPU - while gaming. Max temp on the stock cpu, while burning it with prime 95, and closed case is 87°C. Im happy with it, but now i wish to use win11 with all the features.

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You could try flashing using a BIOS flashing device (like an EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer) that is cheap on Aliexpress/eBay/Amazon.

There is a high chance of failure and you could end up bricking the board. I would not recommend. 

I am not allowed to have my PC specs in my signature.

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