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Sony Alpha 7 III Vlogging Accessories

Hi all!


I have done loads of research but is still overwhelm by much of the options available in the market. Which is why I would love to hear from you guys who may have had personal experience and opinion on what might be best for me.

Current Gear:

  • Sony Alpha 7 III
  • FE 28-70mm Full-frame Standard Zoom Lens


I will soon be heading off next week to volunteer at an animal sanctuary where I would love to vlog and film my day to day adventures with all sorts of animals. These animals range from tiny rabbits to horses working inside small enclosures to the great outdoors. I have had this Sony Alpha 7 III laying around that haven't been used for almost a year that I would like to make great use out of it for this purpose. It is pretty much just a standard kit that was purchase from the store out of the box. There is a couple things that I would like to get some input on for accessories in order to enhance the quality of the film (Microphone, Lens, etc.). 


Lens: With the background in mind, what focal length do you guys think would be a good all-round lens that I can use inside and outside while focusing on myself for the vlog as well as outdoors of the animals? Should I stick to what I have now? Also lens filter?


Microphone: The Rode VideoMic GO seems like a really good option when looking at the size, weight, and price. Thoughts?


Stabilizer/Mount: This is totally extra and quite pricey but I really like the DJI - Ronin-SC. I'm not too concerned about the price but want to know if its a good option or if there is something comparable?


I would like to think I am above the beginner level in the world of video/photography but I still have much to learn so any input on this is extremely appreciative! If there is anything else you think I may need, please let me know as well! Thank you!



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