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4K 120 hz output with Philips hue sync box



I have an lg c1 55” tv with ps5 and Xbox series x as my gaming console. I use earc output from my tv to connect to Sonos arc. I really want to enjoy the immersive lighting of Philips play gradient lightstrip with the Philips hue sync box. But The box does not support a 4K 120 hz output as of now and Philips has conformed there is no immediate plan to update one.


So what I though was I’ll connect my output from the gaming console to input of orei 2x2 Hdmi splitter and one of the output will go into my tv and the other one will go into the Philips sync box. The sync box will have no output. Will that work?


I’m from India and neither the orei splitter nor the Phillips sync box and the gradient light strip is available here. So I need to export them. So really need to be sure before ordering them. Please help.

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