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LC-Power and Sceptre share OEM confirmed


This is a bit of a non problem but i didn’t see anyone else talking about this so here i am to rock you like a hurricane. 

For folks living in Europe LC Power is a real contender for budget gaming monitors and ultrawides but there are little to no actual reviews of there newer ones so people who want to buy there stuff have to buy it blind which is never smart. 

So I bought the LC-M34-QWHd-144-C-K blind like a smooth brain but I looked at a lot of spectre nebula Monitor reviews and they looked basically the same just specs wise there are some differences so the question I had was :“are the panels the same but just sold by different companies?“

i can confirm that is the case for this display at least. I opened it up and found a sceptre screwdriver in the bag of assembly stuff. 

if people from Europe are thinking about buying from LC-Power but can’t find any reviews look for a sceptre model on YouTube that looks the same and you will probably find more in depth reviews for the product. 

have a nice day! 

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