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brand new desktop prebuilt shuts off when gaming


Just bought this Cyberpower prebuilt from Best Buy (I know I'm a traitor I'm sorry 😉)


RTX 3070, i7 12th gen, 16 gb ram

cpu has a cooler master AiO 


When doing light stuff like installing programs, web browsing, youtube, etc no issue. However when I try to play a game, the audio starts to go static; like it's bitcrushed. Then after a few seconds the PC hard shuts off, as if I pulled the plug.


I have:

-limited usb devices to just mouse and keyboard

-changed what power outlet, turned off other things on the same outlet to make sure its not some over current protection or something

-updated gpu, wifi, and intel management enginer drivers

-tried with 2 very different games (escape from tarkov, csgo)

-restarted many times


edit: before someone asks yes I took out the packaging foam around the gpu lol


also I haven't bothered checking temps bc tbh they dont seem that warm even just feeling with my hand; the game's fps is solid right up until the pc shuts off instead of throttling which also makes me think its not a heat thing



been using pc's since my family win98 desktop at age 2 (solitaire gang wya)


soundcloud linked in profile (I usually make electronic instrumental video-gamey stuff)


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53 minutes ago, jackieAZ said:

haven't bothered checking temps

Probably not the problem here but you should always check temps. 


Did you try reracking the gpu, ram or any connectors? 

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