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Planning a new build - I need it to work with my TV and my desk.

Budget (including currency): ~2k EUR

Country: Netherlands

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: PC games, all sorts, from far cry 6 to Anno 1800.

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 


This post is less about getting a detailed build recommendation more about asking ideas to solve a particular problem. Since having my baby daughter, finding time to spend at my PC desk ]has been rough, and I would love to do more couch gaming. I would love some technology suggestions on how I can use the power of a new PC to have a great experience on my TV in my living room (a 4k Sony with google TV), and at my desk where I have a 1440P 144Hz monitor.

Since I am planning to make a new build soon anyway, any solution would be worth considering. I assume some of the best might involve a particular model of motherboard.


A couple of important details:

My TV is in my living room at the ground floor of my house

My gaming desk is in my attic, 2 stories higher than the living room.asd

I have ethernet to my PC(7 year old gaming rig) and my TV already routed.


Some options I aware of and how they way up to my needs:

  1. Steam link /Steam link app on the TV
    • This is limited to 1080p on the TV and I find performance to be bad and unsatisfactory. If i try to play a game where reaction time is critical (like hand of fate 2) it just becomes a frustrating experience.
    • Big advantage is that this is basically free
  2. Steam in house streaming to my old PC from new PC, move the old PC in the living room, or do the same with a steam deck (I am getting one of those as well)
    • I have tried in house streaming at 1080p on a work laptop with no discrete GPU, it was mostly fine if i had the ethernet cable plugged in, not sure how that would hold up if i tried to stream a higher resolution.
    • Also technically free, depends if i will reuse case and power supply of my old PC, I can't be sure of that because I am waiting for the 40 series of Nvidia cards to drop.
  3. Build the new PC in a portable form factor (small motherboard) so I can cary the PC downstairs and just plug in a couple of wires
    • Has the potential to have very little compromise in terms of performance
    • It will be more challenging to pick components if I choose this route, especially the motherboard and case/frame (open air might be cool too). Maybe the fine people on this forum can lend a hand but that would be a different post.
    • It will be tricky to figure out a good way to make the process of plugging everything in as painless as possible, buuuut... I do have a 3d printer, so I might make myself a super custom bracket and plug everything in at once like a huge obscene dock.
  4. Have some sort of optical connection (Linus keeps mentioning it) from the PC (via thunderbolt I think?) from my attic where the PC is to my living room.
    • I would have to trace cable from upstairs, but it might be doable with some effort and it won't look crap
    • I don't know much about how to achieve this or even what terms to do a search on, some pointers on this would be nice if anyone is aware.
    • This would give me the freedom to build the new PC in a very conventional way, all I would have to do is to make sure the CPU and motherboard support thunderbolt I think.


I would love your suggestions on completely different solutions, pointing out obvious things I have failed to consider or at least mention, your own opinions on the above considerations of each solution.



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