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Redragon M720 RGB gaming mouse review, as compared to my Logitech G402


I recently got one of these for $31 CAD from an Amazon sale that is still ongoing (30% off + $4 off coupon that's offered on the store page): https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07WZC672W/


There's also a dual rechargeable-wireless / wired version of the Redragon M720, the Redragon M686.


I've now been using the Redragon M720 mouse for a couple of days, and it is proving to improve things which I didn't like about the Logitech G402, which I've used for probably several years. The G402's low profile and lack of support for the ring and little finger made it uncomfortable for me. The M720 addresses both of those things, being larger and with pronounced support for the ring and little finger, adding an extra programmable button, being weight-adjustable, and having a braided cord on top.






I think the M720 feels great. The general plastic is comparable to that of the main left and right buttons on my Logitech G402, but a bit nicer, being more matte and soft-like, and less just like hard plastic.


There are rubber pads at the sides, for the thumb and little finger, and they feel comfortable and seem to be effective at creating grip. The mouse easily stays in my hand when lifting, without clenching my finger grip, both with and without all of the weights in the mouse. The thumb mouse buttons provide a ridge that will give a thumb something to catch on - though, the rubber grip-pads seem to do the job even if I position my thumb lower so that it doesn't make contact with the buttons.


I've read a couple of Amazon reviews two suggest that this mouse is suited for bigger hands, but I disagree. I have hands that are around a CM below the reported average size in length, and I find nothing about this mouse to be too large. It's designed for a palm-style hold, and not a claw-style hold.


The mouse-wheel scrolls more easily and smoothly than the G402's, while being as accurate. And it doesn't have the issue that my G402's mouse-wheel does, where it often ignores a scroll increment, or flickers between a couple of them.


The M720's mouse-clicks are deeper-sounding and a bit louder than the G402's. When not clicking the G402's buttons gingerly, the G402's click seems to be a combination of the click sound, and also the sound of the button plastic hitting other plastic when pressed and released, creating a sloppy combination of sounds. The Redragon M720's click-noise is much more uniform, being just the click.


If I tap the Logitech G402's palm-rest with my fingernail, it produces a higher-pitched sound than when I do the same thing with the Redragon M720. And if I pick the G402 up and repeatedly tap it against my mouse-pad, I can hear individual parts colliding and it creates a rattle-like noise. There is far less of that with the Redragon M720, and none, if I'm taping it lightly.


The Redragon M720 overall feels and sounds a lot more solid than the Logitech G402.


Regarding the mouse software: in general, the Redragon software is more feature-rich than the Logitech G-Hub software I have. Though, I haven't updated my installation of G-Hub in a long time, and don't know if a newer version offers more customisation. With the Redragon software, there are additional setting parameters for scroll-sensitivity, mouse acceleration, double-click speed, which can all be configured with sliders, and there are more lighting options. But while the G-Hub software lets the G402's light "breathing" speed be adjusted with a slider, the Redragon software offers only Low, Medium, and High "breathing" speeds. And while the G-Hub software affords a unique mouse profile for each game, the Redragon software offers just 5 different profiles - which isn't an issue for me, because I only use one profile for all productivity and games.




If I could change something about the Redragon Vampire, I'd want the little finger rest to be a extended more, and maybe be marginally more concave. If I fully cup the mouse with my hand, my little finger can still end up touching the mousepad, which I really don't like and was a big reason I looked for something to replace the Logitech G402. But if my hand is a bit further back on the mouse, then the little finger rest has it covered.


My biggest concern about using the mouse is that, being a brand I'm unfamiliar with, something unexpected might come up down the road. For example, a small number of reviews for the mouse on Amazon say the mouse-wheel stopped scrolling up. Though, I also watched a review video in which the reviewer had used their mouse for a couple of years, and they said their was working fine.


As long as it's working as it is right now, I find the Redragon M720 to be very good and a major improvement over the couple of G402s I used for the previous some years.

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I can add to this that Redragon seems to have some very good customer service. In the last month, I've bought a total of three Redragon mice: two M720, and one M686. One of the two M720 had a loose mousewheel that would make excess noise while I was using it, and it was bothering me (I recall my Logitech G502 mouse having an even looser mousewheel, and I returned it). I contacted Redragon support about it, and they sent me a replacement M720, free of charge.



Each of the three Redragon mice I that have produce a slightly different tone and loudness of button clicks. But this seems to hold true across all three of the Redragon mice: "The M720's mouse-clicks are deeper-sounding and a bit louder than the G402's".


I've also been liking the M686, which is a wireless version of the M720. In general, what's written about the M720 applies to the M686. The M686 that I have has a bit louder main left and right button clicks than my M720s. And with all its RGB lighting turned-off and its polling rate set to 500 hz (it has a maximum of 1,000 hz), I've been using about 10% of the the M686's total charge per very full day of use.

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