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Program to create remixes


Hi whats the best program to create drill/remixes of other songs, that's free


Is it bandlab, that I have seen. Or are there better ones?



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Typically production software is not something you'd want to skimp out on. If there was a solid free solution, we'd all be using it. We pay premiums for FL Studio, Ableton, etc. for a reason. Even just playing with bandlab's online tools, it's apparent they don't know what they're doing. Try their mastering tool, it clips and distorts on the 'Fire 🔥' preset (Which is a terrible name btw. It's boggling to the mind how someone could see that and think "Ah, yes. Professional"). Limiters are SO easy to set up, and it's obviously not tailored towards professional use... or any use for that matter. I passed through a couple of my own mixes, and nothing came out right.


This is coming from someone who just wrote, produced, and mixed their own entire album (releasing on July 6th). Pay the premium.


My mix: linqsikks - The cutting-block [Dynamic range value: 10, Required track gain from Foobar: -3.42dB, No clipping is present]


Bandlab's mix: linqsikks - The cutting-block [Dynamic range value: 4, Required track gain from Foobar: -7.66dB, Clipping is present]


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Ardour is a free DAW which may or may not work for you.


I personally use Mixbus, which is excellent (I'd take it over Pro Tools any day) and is a one-time $30 purchase. A couple of my friends use Reaper and really like it. Mixbus is developed by Harrison, the same company that built the old analog studio consoles (oh, and by the way, the console that mixed the number one selling album of all time). 


Great consoles, great software, and a decent company to deal with.



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