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Physcial memory still locked up after VMWare uninstall

Hi all,


I've been trying to figure out how to get my ram back to 8Gb, i had this laptop running an instance of linux through a VM.


I swapped OS hard drives from another pc onto this machine, so there shouldn't be any remnants of the VM whatsoever.


For some reason the RAM is still partitioned...




I can't find anything VM related in the the Services menu:





Hardware reserved is showing 5.3 Gb

Despite all my efforts i can't seem to free up the Full 8GB from before i had the VM going


Any ideas would be gratefully helpful !!

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If you look on the right side you can see you have reserved 5.3Gb of your RAM to be used for Hardware, (integrated Graphics)

If you click the start button and then type "msconfig" once the "System configuration" window pops up hit the "boot" tab and then click "Advanced Options" Uncheck the box at the top right that says "Maximum Memory" click "OK" then "Apply" and "OK" again then reboot the PC. It "should" resolve this.

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