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Pcie m.2 expansion card with m.2s facing up?


Hi gang,


I've been looking into expanding my drive space. I have used both m.2 slots on my motherboard and I gueessss I'll probably end up getting an SSD or two.


However, my PC and I are a bit showy and I like doing wacky things.


Let me introduce my black and orange beast 



What is like to point your attention to is the aorus 1tb m.2 nvme drive I currently have. Which is on display on my second m.2 slot. I am loving these and ultimately I would like to put more of these same (or other orange coloured, copper or even RGB covered m.2s


What I've been hoping to find is a pcie m.2 expansion card like this




On closer inspection though if I was to install this card with the drives on it, they would hang upside down and be extremely hard to see. Also not I would not be putting the stock heat sink on, I'd be trying to display the copper heatsink 


Has anyone seen pcie m.2 expansion cards with at LEAST 2 spaces on it where they sit facing upwards? Also that doesn't look like absolute garbage


Hope you're well, thanks in advances

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get a riser cable? then you can show them and hide your gpu.. 🙂


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