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New PC freezing 10-30 sec after boot

Hi all,


My new build keeps freezing on startup. Sometimes it'll make it a few minutes, others it freezes while the windows 10 loading indicator is doing its spinny-thing.


Generally, however, it hard freezes within 10 seconds of booting into windows. No blue screen, no error codes, and sometimes the PC will restart with the reset switch and other times I need to flip the PSU switch and restart that way.


Components in the system:

- I9 12900k

- EVGA 3080ti

- Asus prime z690-A

- Corsair vengeance 2x16 ddr5 5200

- Corsair RM 1000x 1000w PSU

- 240gb kingston SSD

- h150i AIO cooler


What I've tried so far:

- Running the system with every possible configuration of ram slot occupation (ie: 1 stick in all slots, 2 sticks in both slot pairs, tried isolating ram issues but memtest86 showed nothing)

- Running the system with and without the 3080ti installed, trying both using the iGPU and 3080ti as outputs

- Disabling fast boot, APPxVC

- Cleared CMOS and removed battery

- Tried installing windows on multiple different drives

- Removed and reseated everything, including the CPU

- Booted in safe mode. This resulted in minor stability improvements but small freezes were common and the system still froze within minutes


I'm genuinely at a loss. Is there something i'm missing? At this point I believe my CPU was a lemon, as it's the only possible explanation I can think of. I suppose the motherboard might also be a possible suspect, but it seems less likely


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