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can a 2x wifi card confirm a pcie slot will work with a gpu

Because my gpu died after it stopped working in one slot and then a day ago when I went to clean my pc and took out the hdmi slot it didn't work at all and I tested both slots no output so I tested it with my 2x pcie wifi card and it worked in all the slots. And I'm getting a new gpu on Wednesday so I want to make sure it will work.

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If the slot works for a Wi-Fi card, then it should work for a GPU. Since the card is only x2, you can't be entirely certain the slot works in x16, but the GPU should work even if the slot was limited to x2.


PCIe is a fairly flexible standard. A x1 card will work in a x16 slot and a x16 card will work in a x1 slot (if it physically fits), it'll simply be constrained to x1 bandwidth. Likewise a PCIe 4.0 card will work in a 3.0 slot and vice versa. However, since your Wi-Fi card works, I'd say its fairly unlikely the port is broken.

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