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How I Block YouTube Scam Spam Comments On My Channel

I created this super long list for blocking YouTube spam bots for my channel many years ago. It took my videos from a few scammers every video to absolutely none. Haven't had a spam/scam comment in well over a year and I generally post a few times a week. About 2 months ago, I gave access to a few friends with channels that are 15k+ subs that generally get a dozen spam comments every video. They went from a dozen per video to none with this list.

This list has thousands of URL blocks, as well as nearly every domain a spam/scammer could use. This list is over 5300 individually blocked items for your YT Comments section.


How to apply this list:
1.) Go to your YT Channel Dashboard on a relatively good PC
2.) Click Settings on bottom left above send feedback

3.) go to Community in the window that pops up

4.) scroll down to your Blocked Words list

5.) Open my raw pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/raw/sUigSZpb

6.) Control+A/Cmd+A and then Control+C/Cmd+C the entire thing
7.) Paste it in your blocked words box. Your browser may freeze up. Wait until it is responding to stuff again and click Save
From there, you should be safe from spam bots.

Video tutorial: (at the time of posting, HD is still processing)


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