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My PC turns on and off again after pressing the power button

Go to solution Solved by MrMase,

Pretty certain you have found the issue yourself, need to have the 24 Pin and 4 / 8 Pin CPU connected to the same PSU

I helped clean out a garage today and found a few computers. One of them had better components than my current tower, so I decided to swap to the new one. I did a case swap but the CPU power connector can't reach the CPU power header and an extension will take a few days to arrive. I tried using the old PSU from the previous build to only power the CPU but when I try to turn on the PC, it spins the fans for a second and then shuts down.

I've verified both PSUs do work and can power components perfectly fine, so could it just be the mixing of the two causing the issue? I've got a cable extension ready to order to try and rule that out, and I'm going to see if it's the RAM mixing I did earlier to try and get an easy doubled capacity. (The computer came with 2x4GBs of RAM and I added another 2x4GB from my current build, different brands but I'm pretty sure same speeds).

Any possible ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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