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Used Parts or New Parts

I've got an older system that seems dead. I've taken it to a local shop and after testing the components they think it's the CPU or mobo (Intel Core i7-5960X and Asus RAMPAGE V EXTREME EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard). They don't have an old x99 mobo or lga-2011 chip to test and figure out which it is. The system was fast enough for basic tasks so I hate to see it go to the landfill. I'd like to turn it into a proxmox host and retire my Dell T130. If I'm assuming it's the mobo used ones on ebay are 150-250 bucks, if I buy that and ends up being the CPU that could be another 150-250 bucks. I'm wondering if it's better to just get a newer cpu and mobo. something like this for $500.



I'm looking at 10th gen cpu because if i don't use this for proxmox i might use it for a HTCP and would want blu-ray play back. Any thoughts on used vs new?




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Used parts are fine and everything, just not used X99 parts. X99 just costs too much used to make any sense to buy, for the $200 you'd spend on just the motherboard you can get an i3 12100F and a H610 board. The 12100F is a faster CPU in basically everything compared to the 5960X (it barely loses out on multi core stuff). 


If you find a used 10th gen system for cheap it might make sense, but CPU/Motherboard pricing has just been messed up used for a while at this point so good deals on used stuff there are very few and far between. 

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