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Someone knows something about this old microphone??


I found this Crown Dinamic Microphone (from 2008, made in Japan) but I couldn't find anything about it online. And I want to see if it can be saved or something, and also I have never seen this arrange of connector before.



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2008 ? Pretty sure that says 200Ω (ohm)


That's a Vintage Crown Dynamic Microphone. It's old AF. 

There's a few of them on ebay


But I got no more info than that.

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That's not from '08, I'm thinking more 1970-1990. I assume you're seeing 200 ohm and thinking that's 2008? Ohm being the measure of electrical impedance, eg. how much 'resistance' is across the speaker.

That is a common style of tape recorder microphone. One of those plugs is the switch and the other is the actual mic audio. I think the larger one is mic but I can't recall exactly. The button on the side would be used on some tape recorders to start/stop recording.

See the source image

See where it says "REM" and "MIC" on the two jacks rather close to each other? That's what this plugs into. This sort of mic was used on dication recorders, like this one - professional portable recorders like the TC-D5 series used standard 1/4" or XLR inputs/outputs.

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To help your search Crown is a sister company to AKG.


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