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Fake gtx 970 grapics driver


This doesn't make any sense. Which part is supposed to be fake, the card or the driver?


If you bought one of those scam cards on Ali Express or wherever that claims to be a "modern" card but is actually a GTS 450 or some piece of shit then there probably isn't any driver that will work right, and even if you installed the driver for a GTS 450 or whatever POS card it really is it would perform horribly.

Your "PC master race" thing is cringe. 


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-= Locked =-

OP, not sure where you're going with this topic but if you have an issue, I suggest you request help in the proper section but as it looks like you are begging for "fake" things, possibly cracked or illicit software I'm just going to lock this for violating the Community Standards.


Advertising and Begging

  • No begging for free or discounted things, asking for donations, fundraising projects, or any similar content.



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