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Random high disk usage leading to windows freezing

CPU : Ryzen 5 5600G

Motherboard : Gigabyte Aorus B550I PRO AX

GPU : Gigabyte Aorus RTX3060 OC 12G Rev 2

RAM : GSkill SniperX 28800 16GB (2 x 8GB)

SSD : Adata (XPG) SX6000LNP Lite 512GB

PSU : Cooler Master V650 Gold SFX


So, lately my PC (built around april '22) got random high disk usage, when I check on task manager, it shows that disk usage is 100% but response time 0ms (occasionally jumped to 40k ms - 60 k ms) and 0 read/write.

windows then freezes shortly after, whenever this happens.


after searching online. i suspect that the SSD was not good (some post suggest that the DRAM-less SSD may cause this problem).

1. how do i diagnose this problem?

2. I dont have any spare SSD, should I just re-install windows or replace the ssd?

3. is it okay to use this SSD as secondary drive (only for non-OS file), or would it still be a problem?


Thank you.


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