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AMD RX 6400 combined with PCIe3.0 - Will it work for my intentions?

Henloo everyone, I hope you're doing good!


I'm a bit insecure about my future plans and hope you might be able to give me that one poke that gets this project rolling.


TLDR.: Can I use an RX6400 combined with PCIe3.0 to watch content on my TV using HDMI 2.1 in native 4k60hz? And if yes, would you recommend me to stick with my i7 9700k or can I go back to an i3 9100 but still don't have problems with it related to smooth-ness and such?





I just bought a new TV from Samsung, huge panel, vibrant colors and yet very cheap. I'm talking about the TU-Series from 2020 (I'm European, they still had brand new ones in stock, IDK why). Since the whole series was sold for 65% off, I've chosen the biggest one available with 65 inches - WOW, it needed two people to carry that monster up into my flat! xD


So anyway, I thought about putting it against the wall and connect a small ITX-System to it so I can watch movies, and anime, but also play a couple of older or lighter games, whatever. My system contains a Z370 Board from ASRock, 16GB of RAM, a 250W power supply everything cramped in a flat Chieftec case. The HDMI cable that I bought for this is labeled as "8K compatible thingy stuff" (the shop recommended it to me) is plugged into one of two HDMI ports, another one into the HDMI port of the TV, which is labeled "HDMI (eARC)"- Boom, done!


Works fine! UUUUntil - Why does using 4k resolution feel so... "sluggish"? Huh - turns out it just runs on 30Hz, but why...?


After fiddling with the conenecions and different cables, my friend checked the requirements and details for using 4k 60hz: my system doesn't support 4k60hz due to the mainboard. Meh.


So I dug a bit deeper and tried some stuff.

- I need HDMI 2.1 for 4k60hz

- my TV (TU65GUsomething) has an HDMI2.1 port (labeled as eARC)

- my mainboard (ASRock Z370M-ITX/AC) doesn't have HDMI2.1

- Using several adapters my friend had laying around didn't work

- I gave up.


In the end, I just used the integrated apps in the hub to watch content but I still can't play some games with it.


So then I found out that the cheapest graphics card from AMD has HDMI2.1, but everyone is talking about power loss when combined with PCIe3.0 and no encoders and stuff.


To be blunt: I don't understand much about it, but apparently, it makes me feel worried enough that this card can't accomplish what I want to reach and I really don't want to go through the trouble of buying it, test it and send it back.



Can someone please tell me: Will buying this card and throwing it into my system work for me in order to use my TV with 4k 60hz?


Sorry for that long text, I'm kinda frustrated that this didn't work out as I hoped for. xD






Also - if I buy this card, do you think I can downgrade my CPU from an i7 9700k to an i3 9100 (CPU I had before the system got upgraded almost for free) without having laggs or some sort while watching stuff? Since I love to watch movies and anime, I have a huge library with it, but most of them are in .mkv, which seems to need quite a bit of power (my iPhone 7 cannot play Mkv. in 1080p without artifacts). The reasons are power consumption and heat.





Thanks for reading through. I'm so sorry for being stupid, I just want to enjoy my free time. (Q^Q')>



Wishing you all the best, have a great time!


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21 hours ago, Tomberry said:

the 6400xt will be fine to run your tv for content consumption (not gaming) and both of the cpus will be fine.

Thanks for your answer!


I just ordered a RX6400 and a new HDMI 2.1 cable just to make sure. I'll test how temperatures and power consumption will look like and decide later on if I should go back to my i3.


Have a wonderful time!

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