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Passwords and a corrupt OS




I have a client who's OS is corrupted, with no fix in sight. Bootfile is not found by the PC's bios. Rebuilding MBR did nothing for me. So basically I'm wondering if I can copy the data from Users>name>AppData>Local>Microsoft>Edge>.... and transfer it over to the PC once I've reinstalled the OS, and it actually work. I know that only Edge can read the data file from Microsoft's servers and the files I will be copying, and I'm mainly wondering if this will cause issues with Edge in the new installation, or if it should be as simple as overwriting the folder with my own.

I'm probably going in a bit of a round about way on this, but again I cannot get into the OS, rebuilt the MBR and the client PC still can't find the bootfile for the drive. I figured a fresh install would be our best bet. If anyone has another idea I would love to hear it, or if this sounds like it could work/won't work feel free to mention it. Thank you!


Let me also clarify that my client is elderly, and does not really have a good system for keeping track of her info outside of Autofill and saved passwords via browser.

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