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upgrade opinions/user experiences

Hello all I'm looking for some opinions on CPU's since prices are much more reasonable, now I know there's a whole new generation of stuff coming out but I'm not looking to get into any new platforms or switch ATM, maybe in a few years but not rightnow so what I want to do is find a nice paring for my current motherboard that I can use for the next few years in terms of performance I'm just looking to keep up with future gen games/GPU's and not have to resort to min settings or deal with major bottlenecks until after 5 years from now

My current MOBO is an ATX X470 Strix, I have 750wattpsu and nvme.

now I don't really overclock much but I do lock the cpu frequency because I like to avoid fluctuation when I'm working in DAW's, fluctuations cause underruns dropouts etc.. Which might not be the case anymore with the 5000 series of cpus but it definitely was an issue with my current 3700x

I was thinking 5900x,5800x3d or if prices drop a little more 5950x,I was also looking at the 5700g because I was interested in a backup GPU but according to benchmarks at best it seems to only be 10% better than my 3700x and only in certain workloads although idk what the situation is in terms of stability when compared 

Any opinions and user experiences appreciated 

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CPU Stability is CPU Stability, if the silicon is good, it'll be stable.  There's not really any variations from chip model to chip model, so a 5600x will be as stable as a 5950x, or a 5700g.


If you're upgrading from a 3700X?  I'd go to at least a 5800X or higher, going to anything lower would be a mistake.  

If you're not gaming, I don't think the x3d will help you much, and a 5900 or 5950 would likely be better.  

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If all you do is gaming, a 5800X3D would be the best option, but I see it going for more than a 12900 + decent motherboard a lot so might not be worth it.


If you do other things that require a good CPU and uses multiple cores, a 5900X would be a good option.


I don't recommend the 5700G, it's not that fast and you can get a cheap GPU if you need something for backup.

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