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PC in another room setup

Hi all,


After watching some more LTT video's, Linus mentioned how he's (most likely?) moving to an optical DP and Icron USB Extender for his "remote" PC setup. I'd like to achieve something similar and purchased the following products. 


1. DisplayPort cable 1.4 | Nedis | 20 meter (8K@60Hz, Fiber Optic, HDR) | Data rate: 32.4 Gbps

2. Active USB extension cable | 20 meter | USB 3.2 Gen 1 | Speed: up to 5 Gbps | External power (5 volt, 1 amp)

3. LINDY 43228 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub | Data transfer rate 5 Gbps


My question is, by looking at the products (images and description), do you think my setup would work if I place my PC 15 meters away and connect my monitor and all USB peripherals right at my desk? Any compatability issues to be expected with these products? 


Let me know what you think, appreciate any feedback 🙂






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