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what are the chances that the A.M.D demo cpu was not the 7950x

I doubt they would show the top of the line straight off.

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It is very unlikely that they showed something that was not binned. It is either 7950x or an engineering sample that is binned on the level of 7950x.

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3 hours ago, shreshta said:

just a random thought 

@shreshta this topic is what we call a low effort post, please be sure to add more than just your question in the title, give substance and other context to help encourage discussion, this is proper forum etiquette. 

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Ideally you clarify WHICH demo as at the moment I'm having to guess.


It depends on the launch date.

If it's further off, it'll be a binned engineering sample that will be SIMILAR to a released product but not exactly the same.


If the launch is close then it'll likely be a binned part.


Either way, binning won't do more than shift figures by a few percent and the last few demos from AMD (2019 onward) have been pretty conservative, I think initial reviews usually showed slightly better performance.

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