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GPU Device gets randomly disabled


Windows Update has done it again, I've been struggling for days trying to figure out how to fix this particular issue.


I have a rig with an AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 on Windows 10 LTSC, which is also RDP'd into quite often, and since updating it the other day, Windows randomly decides to set it to disabled causing any display that was attached to it to obviously be dark, then you're only able to RDP into it to see what is up, reboot, and activate it again, then reboot to work with the GPU as intended.


Have the suspicion that the driver crashes, and Windows deactivates it since it no longer can interface with the hardware, tried reinstalling the newest drivers already (Driver Only, no Adrenaline), cleaned everything up with DDU, no third party software like some intrusive Anti-Virus is running that could cause something of the sort, genuinely running out of ideas.


Mentioned RDP because I am aware that by default RDP uses a virtualized display to give back an image, never heard about RDP causing that sort of an issue but felt like it's still worthwhile mentioning, considered changing the group policy setting that handles RDP to make it instead use the GPU over creating a virtualized display, but wanted to know your feedback about this as well to try out something else in case this also leaves me in the dark.


Log files says nothing, just that it was set to deactivated, which is really weird.

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For anyone ever encountering this issue with Radeon Pro.

There seems to be an issue with the current state of the drivers, tried with another Radeon Pro GPU, same issue, then slapped a leftover AMD GPU in there that isn't a workstation card, worked.


Got myself a Quadro P400, no issue ever since.

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