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miracast (connect to wireless display)

hello all, 

     I have been using the windows "connect to wireless display" option from the right click -> display settings now for about 3 years with no issues. I was able to connect to the Roku tv across the house to enjoy a movie night and streaming tv, however this past week the option has has been completely removed, after doing some searches about miracast found myself in the direct x diagnostic tool (win + r, dxdiag) and in the notepad doc its claiming my pc no longer supports miracast, I've tried to rollback the driver on both my gpu (msi gtx 1060 6gb) and the network adapters (mobo(am4) - asrock ab350-itx/ac) but I've had no luck. a few more searches and I found myself looking at Microsoft branded network receivers for the tv, this doesn't seem like the answer to my problem. so I'm reaching out to you, been watching Linus for about 5 years, I'm the go to tech guy for all of my friends but this troubleshooting has seemed to surpass my abilities, not entirely sure this is a driver update situation or my son slamming the keyboard making a combination of win+keys that disabled some functionality, or even just my internal wifi adapter going kaput. please help, thanks for your time 



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