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Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16IAH7H does not automatically turn on external monitor

Hello everybody,


I have a problem with my Legion 5i Pro 16IAH7H.

Whenever I turn on my laptop with external monitor connected over USB-C to Displayport it does not automatically turn on so I have to disconnect the USB-C to DP and reconnect it back again and the monitor then lights up and starts working.

The strange thing is that when I disconnect it, it makes the sound of something being disconnected, although I can not see the device in device manager until I reconnect it.

I have tried different monitors and cables aswell, but it only works over HDMI (switching to external monitor and making it my main monitor after startup).


Is there any solution to that like settings in Windows or BIOS?

External monitor is MSI Optix G273QF, running in Windows Extended Mode.

Also is there a way to switch to GPU only mode when external displays are connected?


Screenshot 2022-06-27 114156.png

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