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Fine before PC dust cleaning XD - Now stuttering and lagging and can't make up what it should priority


Evening people. Regarding OBS/streaming and gameing

Let's start by saying that everything was all good until I did my PC dust cleaning (it needs doing). Means gaming at good FPSand streaming with OBS and nothing wrong or to be worried about.

Thursday I have taken down my PC to do a cloud of dust cleaning. Friday night is when I streamed and see that the game I was playing at the time had a big FPS drop from 35FPS way below 20FPS. The game is locked at 35 FPS. I thought it was weird. Even though nothing has been changed.

Then while doing the raft, the raft was not performing well. I had to play on low settings and still can't get 30 FPS, while with OBS on idle and not streaming. The raft can get easy 60 FPS. Even the game FPS is low and the game at times is strutting, while streaming OBS was not stuttering at the least - as that's a good thing.

LOGS: https://obsproject.com/logs/VtVa5uyS7kp5NfAG

Before the PC cleaning, running OBS and doing Microsoft flight simulator easy 30 FPS
- Now however it's not working. While tabbed out of the Microsoft flight simulator and looking at OBS it's smooth, even all of the overlays.
- As soon I'm back into the game, My overlays start to stutter and look bad, not the game capture thought
-While streaming, the game loses FPS and while tabbed out of the game OBS is smooth and looks fine.
-When I get back into the game, OBS starts to stutter and lags and yet the game tends to go to 23 to 25 FPS

Ask me, If I did not do a Dust PC clean, I would not have this problem. WHY the flip it do this. Working fine before and now it's not.

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