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Laptop Battery Icon Displaying a "!" (Please Help)

Hey everyone!


I was wondering if I could get some help.


I am using a Lenovo Legion 5 running Windows 11 for reference.


My battery icon is always displaying a "!" when plugged in.



It does not tell me the reason why there is a problem. I am using the included charging brick to charge the laptop.


I read when doing a google search that this could mean not enough power is being delivered to the laptop which can decrease performance, but I am using the included charging brick so this shouldn't be an issue.


I noticed it the first time when I had it plugged into the dock via USB-C with power delivery, but then also plugged in the normal charger to see if it went away, and it didnt.


So I then unplugged the dock and just used the charger, and it didn't change anything. I have also tried a restart.


Does anyone know what this could mean or how I can fix it? Why doesn't Windows display the problem alongside the icon?


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you! 

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