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Looking to diy a nas need recommendations


Hi all what I’m looking for is low power consumption so power bill don’t hit roof lol and so I don’t heat my flat up too much 


and a lot of hard drives


was thinking a raid card to do hardware raid as well


10g Ethernet if pos


ecc ram


if pos under £1000 if pos not including drive


is this possible or am I dreaming thee impossible lol 🤞 I’ve watched a few 100 videos on YouTube of ppl building diy nas thay never tak about the running cost lol

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Posted (edited)

With power bill as the biggest issue you probably want an AMD laptop APU in a pga version  another option is to get a non APU and run headless.  Not sure if there are any laptop non-APUs though.  £1000 should be pretty easy as its not uncommon for dGPUS to be 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the machine.  Also the cases with the most hard drive bays tend to be older which often means cheaper, and you aren’t going to use the monitor for anything special, so a used piece of crap is more than fine.  Even something sub-1080p or with the headless option none at all.

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