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ROG STRIX 3080 12GB OC Review


ROG STRIX 3080 12GB OC Review

Recently I found myself building a new computer after switching from my old AORUS gaming laptop. In that process I needed a lot of well priced and good performing parts. I hate upgrading so I wanted to build a system that would last about 5 years. I especially wanted a video card for my new build that was both future proof and reliable. I really don't like returning PC components and replacing them if they fail, I've had issues before in the past, and it's unpleasant and lengthy process to deal with.


Sadly prices of graphics cards are currently at an all time high so choosing one has become a lot more difficult. To add salt to injury, when I went into my local store, most of the graphics cards there were either on backorder or unavailable. The only real options were the Asus TUF 3080 10 gig cards, then 3070s and below. Somehow 8GB of VRAM in 2022 strikes me as an insufficient amount, so the 3070s weren't even an option to look at. 10 gigs perhaps strikes as just enough but not future proof at all, as current games could probably hit that requirement... I wanted a little more headroom as I hate upgrading parts and selling off older parts later on Ebay. Now I know the discussion many have about ram amount and throughput, but I'm not looking at a 3060 video card here. Luckily for me someone had cancelled their order on the ROG STRIX 3080 12GB so I snatched up the last available card in that store.


Now I'm not unfamiliar to expensive cards or equipment. I have a desktop computer in another city where my folks live (at their home), which is running a 5950x with a Zotac 3090 24GB. I wasn't expecting the same level of performance as my build there, as this current one is a 12900k with a 3080 12GB OC - but surprisingly as the benchmarks rolled on it was closer than I expected!!!


One thing that I have to point out is that if you are faced with a video card of the same quality that's cheaper from either the same or a competitive brand, please don't jump into that option right away without carefully considering the cooler and heatsink unit first. I've had those fail before and they are a real nuisance to deal with, not to mention that if they are audibly loud, then not only the price of the card will be a burden to you but the constant annoying coil whine as well (happily with the ROG STRIX 12GB OC I had no such issues at all).


Upon opening the box I was met with a quality video card that had a lot of weight and stability to it. The fans were of really high quality and the whole unit felt very premium, refined and heavy. Key word "refined". In contrast my Zotac 3090 feels really nice and high quality but Asus seems to have really outdone themselves by taking it 2 levels further. Installing it was a breeze although I should remark at this point that it required 3x 8pin power connectors which is hefty. The minimum PSU requirement for this card is also 850W which some might or might not have.


I booted up a few game benchmarks, at the moment I'm playing Borderlands 3 so luckily it had an ingame test, also Cyberpunk, an old favorite in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the usual 3D mark stuff. Just on default settings without any OC I got some pretty stellar performance. I don't know if it's a premium bin or if the card normally performs this good but the combination with the 16 core 12900k and the 3080 12GB somehow fused to give me close to Zotac 3090 like performance.


3D Mark Time Spy Graphics Score - 18950

3D Mark Port Royal - 12100


Any 1440p game I threw at it resulted in well over 120 fps and in Cyberpunk at 4k on full ultra with everything cranked to the max I was just able to get around 57 - 60 fps. Seemed pretty impressive to me. I also had default ram frequencies and no overclocking was done at all.


The card was not audibly loud either. I read that a lot of people complained about the fans and noise in the previous 10GB STRIX model. I'm not sure if Asus fixed this issue with this current design but It's really quiet, even under load. During idle the 3 fan design simply switches off and it's really peaceful. I was also happy that this card didn't take that much space inside of my case either. The RGB strip was welcoming and I had no issues or hiccups at any point, hardware or software which was surprising and refereshing.


Overall there wasn't much else to really be said about the ASUS 3080 12GB OC. It performed flawlessly in gaming, rendering work is quick also. Really the only downsides would be the price and the fact that it's a little power hungry. If you have that spare cash then I would recommend going for this card over any other design as I've looked at the AORUS offering and that card just seems too... big. The similar but cheaper TUF - although cheaper, seems to have inferior fans and design. I don't trust Gigabyte standard cards as two have failed me in the past, MSI might have an offering worth considering but my local store couldn't get one until September, and PNY - well, I don't want to risk it.


End of the day, I'm really satisfied with this.


If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve these reviews please let me know.



+ Truly flawless performance 

+ Perfect build quality (how much better can these things even get?)

+ Quiet card, quiet fans under load or idle

+ Great heat dissipation

+ Quality components

+ Software which I actually use



+ Price (no way around it)

+ Power Hungry requiring 3x 8pin and 850W PSU





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