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Nixeus NX-VUE27 27" IPS Monitor Unboxing

I think it's a real combination of all those things. personally when it comes to 2560x1440 and higher I am gonna look at the cheaper options. For what they offer I think the Korean monitors and ones sold in North America with a warranty are the way to go for high res gaming. Maybe that comes down to me supporting value and somewhat sticking it towards the big name companies. But if I had an order of things I look for.




Positive/Negative Reviews


Features (Or lack of, single input only is my kind of jazz)

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I keep specifications and display type at almost the same level as brand reputation.

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Up to 24-27" 1080p monitors I look at specifications, panel type, then chose like 2-3 that are acceptable in my price range and lastly I check the reviews, and if I'm still stuck with 2 I'll choose the brand with the best reputation, I'm not afraid of dead pixels. Here we have 30days send back with no reason needed I can send it back whenever.

As for higher than 1080p, I would definitely choose the cheapest but best quality one, of course specs would still be the first to check and only choose one from best specs. And then go for the cheapest "no name" brand for as long as the reviews say they got no dead pixels or the company selling them accepts changes.

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Professional reviews are just as important as specs- specs can lie... i.e. TN panels with 170 degree horizontal viewing angles are a lie

-price, panel type, and brand are also important. 

Aesthetics of rigs matter


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its all about i/o for me.. dvi for my pc, vga for my nas, and hdmi for my...ahh..*ps3*..

CPU: i5 3570K @4.5GHz    GPU: R9 290   MOBO: ASUS p8z77-v  RAM: 8Gb corsair vengence   CASE: ARC MIDI  PSU: XFX pro 550W  HDD: 2tb segate baracuda

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Personally while shopping for anyting I look for:


1 - Trusted brands

2 - Specs

3 - Reviews

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I looked at the dead pixel warranty on the ncix website and found this about the bright pixels and dead pixels. I would suggest buying the dead pixel warranty from NCIX. Monoprice also had a similar monitor with a zero defect warranty... blacklight bleed, dead pixels, bright pixels...etc. I don't know if they ship to canada. I would rather deal with NCIX if there were any issues though.


The NX-VUE27 has been on the market for over six months. We are using "new" LG LM270WQ1 H-IPS panels that are Grade A and Grade A+.

Our pixel anomalies policy meets and exceeds current ISO standards and even beat other premimum brands' pixel policies (some companies do not consider dark pixels as an issue).

If the NX-VUE27 has MORE THAN
3 stuck/bright pixels or MORE THAN 3 dark pixels or MORE Than a total 5 pixel anomalies (any combination) we will issue a warranty/RMA.

We also issue warranty/RMA if for excessive backlight bleeding (not to be confused with IPS glow).

The NX-VUE27 includes a 1 year warranty, however if you wish for a longer warranty and guarantee Zero dead pixels NCIX has their own warranty service that provides express coverage for up to 3 years at an additional cost.

The NX-VUE27 cannot be overclocked past 60Hz.

EDIT: Ah but the Nixeus has an HAS stand...Might be useful

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Personally i have 2 Asus monitors, the quality is always consistent it seems.


I have the VE248H and VE248Q, both high quality monitors similar spec, good response rate.


Going to get another VE248Q for eyefinity, bezels are kinda large for my taste but i don't trust

most manufacturers. Probably will get one of those seiki 4k tvs eventually for high res gaming

once they get the 60hz and 120hz figured out.


The big thing about monitors i look for is quality, amount of good and bad reviews, i try to get a 

decent amount of hands on with the product and i ask around for flaws. My monitors don't have much

for flaws, i have every input i need, hdmi display port dvi even vga. 

CPU: AMD FX-8350 - Noctua NH-D14 | Asus Crosshair V Formula | 16GB Kingston HyperX | Plextor M5P Extreme 256GB SSD

GPU - Asus AMD Radeon 6950 Direct CU II 2GB |

Seasonic 1000 W Platinum | Cooler Master 690 ii Advanced | Asus VE248H + VE248Q

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I chose, I shop based on specifications (panel type, inputs) and brand is secondary.

My Sig Rig: "X79 (3970X) -Midas"http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wsjGt6"  "Midas" Build Log - https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/59768-build-log-in-progress-code-name-midas/

"The Riddler" Custom Watercooled H440 Build Log ( in collaboration with my wife @ _TechPuppet_ ) - http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/149652-green-h440-special-edition-the-riddler-almost-there/

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I voted other, as I usually use a combination of these things. I tend to look for the specs that i want/require, and from that point I find the highest quality and most well reviewed display from there. Price is also a huge option. I compromised on a Samsung S27B350 for my main 1080 gaming display because it was on a massive sale (almost $200 off IIRC). It met all my essential needs (1080, 27" HDMI and VGA) and Samsung is one of my trusted brands. If money was no object it'd be different, but unfortunately it is.

My Rig: MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming, Intel Core i5-3570k, Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7870x2, Asus Xonar DX, OCZ Fatal1ty 1000w, Samsung 840 Pro 128GB Boot drive, 2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD in Raid 1 w/ OCZ Vertex 3 60GB Cache

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I know I'm late to the party for this thread but I just wanted to give my input. I've been playing on 1080P TV monitors ranging from 42inches to 70inchs over the last few years and I can't see myself going to anything smaller (screen size wise). My next monitor purchase will probably be a 4K TV at at least 42inchs or larger. My current TV sits about 4 feet from my keyboard/mouse. I've been doing this so long that having an actual pc monitor 2 or less feet away from my face just feels odd to me.

CPU: 3570K @ 4.3Ghz MOBO: ASUS P8z77-v Deluxe RAM: 2-4GB Gskill GPU: EVGA 670 FTW SSD: Vertex 4 256 Case: CM HAF 932

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I usually only buy trusted/quality brands. When buying a monitor I look for something visually appealing, seeing that you stare at your monitor most of the time. After I found a couple of monitors which I like (taking brand into consideration and the looks) I then move onto watching/reading reviews on the monitors and comparing specs.

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i only buy 27" ips - 1440p and they are all pretty much the same. So for me it's design and price

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nt Wings 3 x2

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Samsung Evo 850 500gb



Noctua Redux NF-B9 1



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Well I read specs,but I also trust  some brands. Monitor is very important to me so I'm always trying to get the best for my budget. Though I'm not interested in "gaming monitors". Monitors are the only part ofPC tech that Linus isn't so resourceful ( no offense ). I often look in monitors  sRGB and Adobe RGB coverage before and after calibration and stuff like that (I do a lot of print design so color accuracy is pretty important to me)...  this is a germa (has english version) site with excellent monitor reviews.

"Play the course as you find it. Play the Ball as it lies. And if you can't do either, do what's fair."


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For myself I'll take quality over features. I buy a less fully featured item over  a whiz bang product if I believe it won't break down in six months. If I can't immediately afford a fully featured product I guess I'll just have to wait and save so I can afford it.

      The cake is a lie!!! -- but the muffins are genuine.

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I first look at the price. No point looking at stuff more than 10% over my budget. Then come the features and capabilities. Then the warranty. Then I look at brands.


The components are usually the same OEM parts anyway.

Intel i7 5820K (4.5 GHz) | MSI X99A MPower | 32 GB Kingston HyperX Fury 2666MHz | Asus RoG STRIX GTX 1080ti OC | Samsung 951 m.2 nVME 512GB | Crucial MX200 1000GB | Western Digital Caviar Black 2000GB | Noctua NH-D15 | Fractal Define R5 | Seasonic 860 Platinum | Logitech G910 | Sennheiser 599 | Blue Yeti | Logitech G502


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Guaranteed no dead pixels is what I want.

Too many ****ing games!  Back log 4 life! :S

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Recently I bough my first LCD/LED monitor. I was using CRT until now. I researched a lot about it and I have found out that I need low response time for gaming but I did not wanted to sacrifice image and color quality so I went for IPS panel. I am sitting close to my monitor (50-70cm from screen) so I went for 23" 1080p. I ended up with EIZO Foris 2333. It may be overkill for my needs but I am really happy with it.

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I look at the specifications, inputs mainly to see if it has DVI and HDMI, and never buy anything without taking a physical look at the product for displays. Since if I look at a video on my screen of it turned on it will obviously not be the same as the display I am buying. As well I take a look at the size of the display as there is no point in buying something that wont fit on my desk.

Codename: Project Stealth. See profile for specs.

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I try to shop based on quality, features, support, and user experience reviews. 


I do consider User Reviews very high in my evaluation, but it is not the sole decision factor.  So I voteed "Somthing Else"

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