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AIO H100i swap to NH-U12A experiences




In my build my AIO and the RGB on it is failing, the pump makes a terrible noise and the white LED have become almost yellow or do not turn on, this is an H100i RGB platinum.

I was thinking of not going with an AIO again, but going with an aircooler which has the cleareance for my tall RAM, so an NH-U12A.


My question is as follows, has anyone had any experience with GPU temps dropping or increasing with this switch? because this is my main concern.

My thoughts are that the top exhaust is less restricted due to the radiator being gone, so overall temps may drop.


Love to hear from you guys, my build is as follows, picture also attached.


3x 120MM front intake

2X 120MM top radiator exhaust

1x 120MM rear exhaust.


Corsair 4000D

Ryzen 9 5900x

64gb 4x16 vengeance rgb pro 3200 MHz

Aorus X570 ultra

Radeon RX6900XT Aorus master

Seasonic  PX850

fans are all LL120 from corsair.

3x 1TB NVMe drives.


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You might want to consider NH-D15 (D15S), if your AIO is in a really really bad state then U12A might improve your temperatures but otherwise I would not expect significant improvements if any.

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