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Z690 Prime-a white VGA light




So 2 days ago I recieved my Z690 Prime-a motherboard. I installed my cpu and GPU into the board and it was working fine for about 5 minutes. After that it turned itself off and did nothing.

Turning it back on results in a white led(as seen in the picture)



This only happens when using the top PCIe slot, the bottom one that uses PCIe gen 3 works fine. Also when I slide my GPU in the top slot it makes a lot of sounds like it's grinding against some sand (I did clean the motherboard with pressured air). the PC stays on for hours but posts no output.


Things I already tried:

  • readjusting CPU position
  • Swapping RAM
  • Clearing CMOS
  • Updating Bios
  • Fresh install of Windows 11
  • Using PCIe Riser



Asus Z690 Prime-a

I7 12700KF

32GB Kingston Fury 4800mhz

Asus Strix OC 3080

1TB WD SN850

Corsair RMx 750w




Please help me resolve this issue as I do not want to send back my motherboard.


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Sounds like a bad pci slot to me, board may have been defective or a solder joint was weak and gave out.  Try a different gpu in the top slot and see if it posts but white gpu light is saying the board and gpu arent getting along or talking correctly, possible a weak power trace on the board going to the pci slot blew.  Or could be a bad riser cable, they can be pretty flimsy and finicky, try installing your gpu straight to the pci slot.   PCIE risers if just bent a little to much can be damaged internally, so I would remove that part first from the equation, its the cheapest and most probable cause IMHO.

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